Cava Naveran

The origins of can parellada, where the family home and cavas naveran are located, date back to the 11th century, as witnessed by the romanesque chapel that still exists on the estate. Naveran cultivates its vines using purely ecological methods: no pesticides or herbicides, all fertilizers are organic. In the event of heavy rains, the grapes are allowed to fall to ensure a quality harvest. In their continuous search for excellence, they also strive for innovation.

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The commitment to innovation, combined with the constant search for the highest quality possible have made Cava a reference. An explosion of aromas and flavors for your enjoyment.

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Cava Ludens

Cava Ludens has become a phenomenon, fully justified! They bring joy to each and every table. Maura makes her Cava the traditional way: with a lot of attention being paid to manual operations.

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Dona Dolça

Today, the winery continues the tradition, improving processes, investing in machinery, technology and qualified for the development of the different varieties of wines that are made and their continuous improvement team.

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Cortijo Trifillas

Cortijo Trifillas was born out of deep respect for nature, life and the environment. Their vineyards are located in the region of Hellin, between 700 and 800 m above sealevel. Cultivated local varieties are Tempranillo, Garnacha Tintorera and Monastrell Verdejo, and international varieties such as Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Black , Syrah, Petit Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

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Celler Piñol

CELLER PIÑOL is a family run cellar devoted to the winemaking of fine wines based in Batea (DO Terra Alta). Organically grown grapes from our own vines. Passion, Enthusiasm and Love for our vines and work that makes our wines unique and famous all around the world. We are the most prestigious cellar in our area, highlighted by PEÑIN, JANCIS ROBINSON, PARKER (all our wines rated between 90-95 Points in The wine advocate), TANZER and selected among the best wines in some of the most prestigious wine magazines. State of the art technology and tradition in a perfect blend to offer you the best wines in Terra Alta.

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Bodegas As Laxas

Located in the village of Arbo, on the banks of the river Miño. As Laxas has been producing wine since 1862. Since then, new techniques and technologies have been integrated gradually, while preserving the character, care and patience, all inherent to the wineries personality. Discover the only Albarino with 7 consecutive years of wine scores above 90 points!

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Aires de Vendimia

José Antonio García is a third generation winemaker from the village of Valtuille de Abajo in the Castilla y León region of Northwest Spain. Farming 75 plots of family land, this savvy oenophile has left behind his day job to return to his roots and true passion in life. From dawn until dusk, García is the attentive winemaker whose love and attention shines through in his exclusive product.

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The "Viñedos de Calidad" estate is located on lands where the Romans first planted vines over two thousands years ago. These lands lie at the confluence of two rivers: the Ebro and the Alhama, on the border between Navarre and La Rioja. In all great wine regions of the world, there is always a major river next to quality vinyards and this area is no exception.

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Castillo de Enériz

“Excitement and hope made the dream of this bodega come true”. The vineyards are located in three of the five sub-areas of de D.O. Navarra with different orientations, contributing the particular traits of each sub-area. The Bodega itself is located in Enériz, near the city of Pamplona and consists of a hi-tech building; wide open spaces and a functional layout in a modern design. "The harvest is proof of the patience to collect that which you really want"

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La Sirena

La Sirena offers you 2 wines that were created in collaboration with us. Together with the people from Castillo de Eneriz and Manzanos we wanted 2 basic wines (white and red) that met a few simple principles. First: simply delicious! Two: Affordable! And three: For everyone! Winemaker and wizard Borja Ripa set to work with these guidelines. After a few years of comparing grapes, styles and qualities, we came up with the Viura (White) and Garnacha and Tempranillo (Red) by chance the most grown grapes in Spain. A better price / quality ratio can no longer be stated. For all your small and large parties ... Simple but incredibly tasty!

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Pegaso is a range of wines made by the people of Finca Manzanos and Castillo de Eneriz. Their vineyards are spread over Navarre and Rioja. Over the years, various bodegas have been bought so that they can now dispose of an extensive and diverse range of vineyards. The Pegaso is a tribute to the famous truck brand with which the first wines of their empire over Europe were distributed. The relevant Truck is now still used. Meanwhile, countless wines were distributed over thousands of kilometers. As a tribute to this reliable cornerstone of the firm, this range was given the name of Pegasus, also called the winged horse of the Gods from Greek mythology. The wines are bottled under the name of Bodegas Mosen Pierre.

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Sendero Royal

Sendero Royal is located in Aldeanueva de Ebro, a small village in Rioja Baja. Convinced of the exceptional quality of the domain and its vineyards, Gonzalo Ruiz Pastor decided to take over production and no longer sell his grapes to other winegrowers or bodegas. A modern cellar and winery were built and a tasty and contemporary range of wines was created with the help of neighbor and oenologist Rodriguez. They fully meet contemporary needs and quality standards. No old-fashioned wines that have been overkilled by wood, but beautifully substantiated and balanced wines that, without renouncing the individuality and typicality of Rioja, also hold their own internationally. Its vineyards are also slightly higher in altitude than average in Rioja Baja and are among the best in the region.

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Rioja Medrano Irazu

This family winery was founded by Luis Medrano in 1984, one year before it’s first wine came onto the market. In 2001, his son took over, bringing new ideas and starting to produce Crianza wines, white wines and independent wines (created accordingto Amador’s guidelines, and thus following the principles of maximum quantity). At Medrano Irazu they elaborate modern, elegant wines for those that are willing to experiment new sensations, and feel the perfect assemble among Vineyard and man. Initially emerged to proudly transmit the Medrano family –legacy, with the intention of becoming one of the best Rioja wineries the raw material, methods used and the care taken in all of the stages involved in the production leads us to believe that this will indeed be the case: Old native vines (more than 30 years of age) are used. Harvest of the grapes happens careful and by hand. A second subsequent ‘bunch-by-bunch’selection takes place in the winery. Contolled fermentation, frequent testing and daily tasting guarantees the quality of the wines from their very beginning.

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Finca Manzanos

Bodegas Manzanos is located near the confluence of the rivers Ebro and Ega. It is here that the cradle of the appellation Rioja stood at birth. We are neatly on the border of Rioja and Navarra. The beautiful Bodega follows the French "Châteaux" style and is made with maximum respect for its environment and with minimal visual impact on the landscape. In 2007 they won the first prize in support of Wine tourism. More than 125 years ago, the Manzanos family embarked on a wine adventure and since then 5 generations have contributed. Over the years, several Bodegas were added to the empire in both Rioja and Navarre, with Finca Manzanos as the Top label for Rioja

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The Winery can be found on the La Rinconada estate, an extraordinary and picturesque natural landscape in the Castronuño region (Valladolid) where the river Duero flows in the form of a sickle to form the shape of the land on which the estate sits (hence the name – rinconada means cornered or cut-off in Spanish). This place boasts a long crop and livestock farming and hunting tradition within the privileged surroundings of the “Riberas de Castronuño – Vega del Duero” Nature Reserve, a habitat of exceptional value for such wildlife species as the purple heron, deer, wild boar, eaglets and countless other animals. This space of incredible natural beauty and value is home to both the vineyards and the winery

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Do not look further, in Tardencuba you will find the best kept secret ever! The essence of wine made of old vines, using the lastest techniques and family -tradition. Three generations among grapes, wine and oaks, together with the knowledge acquired from passed generations, are the pillars of Tardencuba.

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Miguel started in 2004 with the acquisition of the vineyards of his parents. He is the 4th generation of winemakers in the family. The old vineyards are still cultivated, but he also planted new vineyards and created a completely new bodega with the most modern techniques to produce high-quality wines. This is the most southwestern region of Rueda. The grounds here are so poor and sandy that this piece even remained largely free of Phyloxera so that some old grape growers still stand on their original sticks. It also has the oldest and original clones from Verdejo that are organically and all processed manually. He prides himself on the fact that his Verdejo can even withstand the test of time quite well and proves that also with his wines.

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Miguel started in 2004 with the acquisition of the vineyards of his parents. He is the 4th generation of winemakers in the family. The old vineyards are still cultivated, but he also planted new vineyards and created a completely new bodega with the most modern techniques to produce high-quality wines. This is the most southwestern region of Rueda. The grounds here are so poor and sandy that this part even remained largely free of Phyloxera so that some old vines still stand on their original racines. It also has the oldest and original clones from Verdejo that are organically and all processed manually. He prides himself on the fact that his Verdejo can even withstand the test of time quite well and proves that also with his wines.

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This extremely modern and innovative bodega from Rueda excels at combining old classic wine processes with the latest technological innovations in the wine field. They have different fermentation vats, in stainless steel, wood and cement. There is also an extensive variation in size and shape. This makes it possible to monitor and improve the quality at every moment of the production process and to achieve a separate and optimal vinification for each variety and vineyard. They even have an ampelographic vineyard with up to 20 different grape varieties from all over the world that allows them to experiment and innovate. In addition, they have a variety of vineyards and terroirs that are among the best in Rueda. The wines are aged on their lees to increase quality and storage power. By using egg-shaped cement yeast vats, the micro-oxygen uptake is increased, which in turn makes the wines more lively and interesting. In other words Bodegas Pandora represents, just like in Greek mythology, all the acquired virtues of the gods such as beauty, strength, knowledge, dexterity, persuasiveness… And last of all, curiosity. If you want to enjoy yourself, don't let this Pandora box pass you by!

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Coral Duero

Coral Duero was founded in 2003 by Jesus Fernandez. He was a 'visionary' who had earned his stripes in the maritime world. By buying Coral Duero and also some of the oldest vineyards in Toro, he pushed the limits with the ultimate ambition of 'Making the best wine of Toro!' Most grapes grow on their original vines and were spared from the phylloxera. Coral refers to its maritime past and Duero is a tribute to the river of the same name that flows as a lifeline through the inhospitable landscape of Toro. The first awards came fairly quickly and Robert Parker also honored the 'Rompesedas' with 93 points. Meanwhile, Jesus passed the torch to a young team of talented managers and winemakers. They build on his dream and make Coral Duero one of the ultimate taste experiences of the Toro appellation.

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Viña Solorca

This family-run winery is owned by José Víctor Balbás Arroyo who comes from one of the area’s pioneering wine-making families. His experience is complemented by that of the rest of the team that make up the winery staff. Day by day they face the challenge of improving the quality and reputation of the Viña Solorca wines, taking care of every last detail, so as to take their rightful place among the very greatest Ribera del Duero -producers.

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Bodegas Viña Vilano

The bodega was founded in 1957 by the grandparents of Julian Pascuas Romera. Since then, there has been systematic expansion and modernization with the ultimate goal of becoming one of the top bodegas in the region. Today, it turns out that they have more than succeeded at Viña Vilano. Their wines are all impressive quality of one of the leading regions in Spain. They have made it a specialty to experiment with different types of oak barrels that give each wine a typical and unique character. After tasting and estimating the aging potential, it is decided which wines are destined to become Roble, Crianza, Reserva or Signature. The various types of barrels are also being selected at this time. French, American, Central European or Eastern European oak (Less or more toasted) shape and determine the style of each specific cuvée. This is translated into an international appreciation as one of the most award-winning houses in Ribera. Viña Vilano should not be missing in any self-respecting wine cellar!

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Joan Simó

This small, family owned cellar lays in the heart of the Priorat region. In 1999, Gerard Batllevell Simó decided to move back to Porrera, a village of just 500 inhabitants with a centuries-old tradition of winegrowing and making. Gerard had about 15,000 vines planted there, on his property 'La Garranxa', located on a hilltop with an altitude of 700 meters

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Refreshing and sweet drink , made from Tempranillo and Garnacha red wine varieties and extracts of natural mediterranean fruit juices, citric aromas of orange, lemon and tropical fruit. 100% natural.

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Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla

The cellars of Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla are located in the historic centre of Jerez. Here one can find the real treasures of this winemaking region. The famous brandies of Fernando de Castilla are made using only alambic destillates of selected white wines. The collection of sherries is made up of the finest wines from the area. Ranging from the pale, light and elegant finos to the unique Antique sherries that have won the highest national and international distinctions. The aim of Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla has always been to offer the very best products from the sherry district presented in an elegant and contemporary way.

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