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Coral Duero was founded in 2003 by Jesus Fernandez. He was a 'visionary' who had earned his stripes in the maritime world. By buying Coral Duero and also some of the oldest vineyards in Toro, he pushed the limits with the ultimate ambition of 'Making the best wine of Toro!' Most grapes grow on their original vines and were spared from the phylloxera. Coral refers to its maritime past and Duero is a tribute to the river of the same name that flows as a lifeline through the inhospitable landscape of Toro. The first awards came fairly quickly and Robert Parker also honored the 'Rompesedas' with 93 points. Meanwhile, Jesus passed the torch to a young team of talented managers and winemakers. They build on his dream and make Coral Duero one of the ultimate taste experiences of the Toro appellation.

About the winery 

Toro Spain
picture of R'sedas - 4 Meses en Barrica
Cherry colour with garnet rim. Expressive aroma, floral, fresh fruit sweet spices. On the palate: tasty, fruity, fresh, sweet tannins.
Toro Spain
picture of Los Lastros - 8 Meses en Barrica
Beautiful dark red color. Intense nose with delicate floral notes and lots of red fruit that manifests itself first. Then follow hints of vanilla, licorice and coffee. The taste is nice and full and at the same time refined. The blend of French and American oak is nicely integrated, letting the luscious fruit dominate. The finish is medium to long.
Toro Spain
picture of Salgadero - 12 Meses en Barrica
Deep, dark, ruby red color. Nose of black fruit, jam, licorice, spices, roasted notes and a hint of menthol. Mouth-filling but very balanced whole. Wonderful concentration supported by fine tannins. In the long and refined final, a hint of balsamic comes up.
Toro Spain
picture of Rompesedas - 18 Meses en Barrica
Deep, almost black, ruby red color with purple hues. Intense, almost explosive nose with lots of ripe black-red fruit, after which more roasted and complex notes such as coffee, cocoa and fresh leather are released. In the mouth it presents itself with a lot of body and finesse. The structure is noble, refined and with soft tannins. The long, impressive finish confirms its Nobel character.
Toro Spain
picture of Las Parvas - 24 Meses en Barrica
Deep, concentrated, dark ruby red color with bright sparkle. The nose is an explosion of aromas and impressions. A complex interplay of fruit, mineral and toasted notes. Concentration and finesse go hand in hand. The 24 months of French oak give it a noble and particularly harmonious character. The final persists and allows new impressions to be discovered all the time. Impressive!