Marlborough - New Zealand


Totara wine Nieuw-Zeeland filosofie Matt Ward Fraser Brown Marlborough

With Crowded House and Totara, Matt Ward and Fraser Brown (Catalina Sounds) launched 2 other brands that guarantee typical New Zealand and quality wines. Totara refers to a majestic native conifer that played an important role in the daily life of the Maori and the Pakeha, including making boats in one piece. Just like with Catalina Sounds, they only go for the very best of what Wairou has to offer. Cool Climate vineyards that have become more important than ever due to contemporary problems such as global warming. Especially now that many of the original wine regions are increasingly faced with the enormous problems that a few degrees of warming entail. Respect for natural balance and sustainability are therefore not empty words here. The wines therefore carry a label for “Sustainable winegrowing”.


Totara Wine wijn Nieuw-Zeeland terroir

Loamy soils with clay and stones. A mix of different northern oriented vineyards. No use of chemical sprays and pesticides.


Totara Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough Nieuw-Zeelandse wijn

Discover their Totara Sauvignon Blanc with a dusty nose with aromas of lime, gooseberries, watermelon and passion fruit. Lively mouth with lots of mineral properties that literally make the mouth water. Typical New Zealand Sauvignon that combines all its seductive aspects. Delicious style that can please many tastes.